Coming up…

There wasn’t a lot of time in the last few months to write new posts, so there aren’t any.

But there was time to finish some long overdue projects, move some other ones up the queue,  and think up some new ones. So here is the list:

Finished Projects:

  • RC mains sockets and power strips (RFM12B+AVR controlled, of course)
  • RC Doorbuzzer (RFM12B+AVR controlled, too)
  • Repair of an old, built like a tank, lab bench power supply
  • Rewrite of my wireless sensor and home automation network code

Almost finished:

  • ESR-Meter (without RFM12B, but still with an Atmega)
  • Solar powered sensor node hacked from a cheap garden light

Still need some work:

  • Wall switches to go with the mains sockets
  • Hack annoying toddler toys so I can mute them remotely and build some new ones
  • Long range garage door remote
  • Build a “Lab-Node” with voltage dividers and optocouplers for long term measurements
  • Build/Buy an isolation transformer
  • Play around with non isolated mains power supplies
  • Build a dummy load
  • Repair and and complete re-cap of an old NAD 3020 amp
  • Build a little robot to creep into an old sewage pipe to check it’s condition
  • Build a bathroom if the condition of said pipe turns out to be OK (I’m a bit scared of this one)
  • Rewrite of the powermeter code
  • ???
  • Profit
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