The Monkeybrain went micro

Shortly after finishing the first Monkeybrain prototype I was reminded that my piloting skills still aren’t up to par and I needed something smaller and easier to fix.

…just a tiny bit more practice.

So I shrunk the board as much as I could while still keeping to two copper layers and added four FETs to drive brushed micro motors. Dimensions are 25 * 40 mm.

The botchwires on the left are where the video OpAmp would have been if I had managed to get it working.

I bought a micro H frame on eBay and slapped the board on there, along with a camera, video transmitter and a knock off Spektrum satellite receiver.

Maintenance shot: The antenna is pretty beat up by now, but the wire it’s made from is way too soft for the purpose. Also, the SW prop needs replacing (all of them, really, but these are a bit pricey and I am cheap, so they stay until they are ripped to shreds).

Although it does fly, it is still quite heavy, even after switching the hardware over to nylon. The only things left to strip down that I can think of now are the vTX’s shield and the FC’s PCB.

The next revision is only .8mm and weighs in at 1.9g while the Oshpark boards were 3.4g unpopulated.

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