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The Monkeybrain went micro

Shortly after finishing the first Monkeybrain prototype I was reminded that my piloting skills still aren’t up to par and I needed something smaller and easier to fix. So I shrunk the board as much as I could while still keeping to two copper layers and … Continue reading

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Meet the Monkeybrain Flight Controller!

Anybody who’s ever bought a flight controller before knows that there is quite a bit of choice overload. The prices range from ten to several hundred Euros, and what that gets you goes from an Arduino with an MPU6050 to … Continue reading

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Toellner Lab Bench PSU Repair

For quite some time I wanted a “real” bench power supply. The problem is, the good ones are expensive and the cheap Chinese ones are usually crap. So I bought an old Toellner TOE8433 on Ebay. According to the seller … Continue reading

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