Cheerson CX-10 Mod done properly this time around

I accidentally did the coolest paint job. I wanted to spray paint a CX-10 shell and rubbed it with nail polish remover to clean it. It dissolved a bit of the original paint, but that didn’t bother me too much. I also gave the spray can only a very brief shake, not the minutes you’re supposed to. Next thing I know, it looked like this:

It’s got something alien skin like or something.

I also went ahead and removed the switch and added the tape like I said I wasn’t going to. I even cut open a new lower shell, but this time I left the bottom in place, which also got a few layers of tape for added stability.

You can still see the piece of wire bridging the switch terminals.

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3 Responses to Cheerson CX-10 Mod done properly this time around

  1. Zillion says:

    How do I bind another TX to the Cheerson Cx-10? I d have a Spektrum DX5 and a DX6i.

  2. Alexander says:

    Those won't work. You need a TX that can be modified to use a nRF24L01 RF module, like the Walkera Devo series. See for more info.

  3. Great color scheme! Like a reptile in the rainforest, or a diamond! I only would still make the blades black, too, but their tips in a strong deep blue or warm yellow!

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